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September already

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day. These guys are hard workers and deserved the day off! LOL. I enjoyed a day at home though. We cut wood for winter and didn't really relax until I decided to work on puppy calendars and that was relaxing. Linda and Fred at Happy Lab Kennels always make calendars and because I have such awesome photos from Shawna Folden Photography I decided to do the same. Speaking of Happy Labs Kennel I had the privilege to help out in St. Regis and to assist with a whelping. My 5 week old pups at home look like Whoopers compared to those newborns. Most of our pups here are about 7 pounds and even little red has rounded out and is 4 pounds now! We have been looking into what he might have and there is still a chance he will be 100% with time. Our Volhard test has been scheduled with Columbia Mountain Kennels for Friday the 13th of September at 1 pm. Pups will be 8 weeks old on Thursday the 19th!

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