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Whelping Service

  We realize that dog owners may want to breed their females, but do not have the facilities, time, or experience. For this reason, Bear Bones Labradors is offering whelping/puppy care services to a limited number of pre-approved litters each year.  These litters will receive the same excellent start that all Bear Bones Labrador puppies receive from birth until they are in the hands of their new owners at 8 weeks of age. The whelping/nursery area provides a safe and quiet area for the new mom and puppies.  Our focus is cleanliness, safety and most of all providing a nurturing environment to the puppies before they go to their new homes. 

Custom Whelping includes:

  • Care of your pregnant female for at least 1 week prior to scheduled whelp date of the puppies. The option of an extra week is available for an additional fee.

  • Administration of any drugs or supplements during the female's stay, which is to be provided by the owner/owner’s veterinarian.

  • Whelping the pups. If complications arise and trips to the vet are necessary, the mother's owner pays for the vet services. Any drugs used in the whelping process are to be provided by or paid for by the owner.  This includes but are not limited to emergency C-sections.

  • Trip to the vet for dew-claw removal, initial puppy checkup, and post whelp checkup for the mother, normally 1-3 days post whelp. These vet costs are the responsibility of the owner.

  • Trip to vet for 1st round of puppy shots. These vet costs are the responsibility of the owner.

  • Administration of de-worming and de-protozoa medicines.  Some of these medicines we use keep the pups free from parasites throughout the time they are at Bear Bones Labradors. Medicine is paid by the female’s owner.

  • Weaning of puppies around 4 weeks of age.  The cost of the puppy food is to be paid for by the mother’s owner.  Puppies are fed Victor Pro Plus Dog food, unless other food is requested by the mother’s owner.  The female will be fed the same food during her stay.

  • Staying at Bear Bones Labradors until they are 8 weeks old. During those 8 weeks, pups are well socialized and are started with Puppy Culture basics.

Whelping Services Options: Custom Whelping Options are available but here are some standard options.

  • Delivery only- I will be on call and come to your home to help with the whelping

  • Full Whelp plus 1 week (2 weeks - 1 wk pre-whelp and 1 wks post whelp).

  • Full Whelp plus 2 weeks (3 weeks - 1 wk pre-whelp and 2 wks post whelp).

  • Full Whelp and Litter Package (9 weeks - 1 wk pre-whelp and 8 wks post whelp).

Additional Services and Expenses:

Microchip options are available using AKC Reunite’s chips.
Litter Registration(s) (example AKC)
Buy/Sell agreement for pups and or marketing the sale of puppies
Dog food or additives
Veterinary assistance or well care in breeding, delivery, or post-delivery or health clearances for any pups or the female.
Puppy Packets containing copies of applicable proof of clearances for sire and dam, titles or registrations on sire and dam, guarantees for pups

What to bring with you when dropping your female off:
Proof of current vaccinations.
Food that she is currently eating (Need 1 weeks worth so we can mix with the what we have)
Any supplements and medicine
Bedding or other item that belongs to her.


Mary Ellen from Bear Bones Labradors came and gave us much needed assistance with our litter of 10. Knowledgeable and professional, her help was a blessing. There is no better resource for litter care.

Dennis McConkey 

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