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Health Guarantee

Bear Bones Labradors (BBL) warrants the puppy to be in good health and free from illness at the time of transfer to purchaser.


Bear Bones Labradors provides a 13 Month Health warranty outlined below for DNA Disease Tests and for OFA Hip Certifications.

Bear Bones Labradors certifies that parents have been tested for genetic disorders associated with CNM, Cystinuria, DM, EIC, HNPK, PRA-prcd – and that the parents are not 'effected" these genetic disorders.  Genetic test panel is recommended before age 1 yr of age.  If the dog or puppy is tested and found to be "affected" - not carrier, as some labs will pass on a carrier gene - BBL will provide a credit for the full amount of the original purchase price to be used toward the purchase of an existing available puppy or a future litter with availability.

Hip Dysplasia is caused by genetic markers of a dog however there is no genetic testing that can identify the potential of any puppy to be predisposed.  As stated by the OFA, puppies from tested and certified parents may still exhibit Hip Dysplasia due to genetic markers from past ancestors.  BBL follows recommended OFA breeding guidelines of only breeding OFA tested and certified parents thereby greatly reducing the chances of dysplasia, however BBL cannot guarantee that any puppy will be free of hip dysplasia as OFA states puppies from parents free and clear of dyplasia still have a 3-7% chance of developing hip dysplasia from either environmental conditions or recessive genetic markers.  If such an event transpires Customer agrees that BBL will not be liable for any medical or surgical costs a customer may choose to pursue.  BBL will provide a 50% credit of original purchase price minus any shipping toward the purchase of a replacement puppy from a current or future breeding as available provided if the puppy tests positive for dysplasia by the OFA by the age of 13 months.

Bear Bones Labradors (BBL) DOES NOT warrant the puppy against any genetic disorders that are not tested for by Embark DNA Testing.  There are many generations of genetics involved in the makeup of any dogs genetics.  Recessive traits and genetic defects can surface anytime but if it cannot be tested for by Embark DNA testing we do not warrant it.  Embark provides the most comprehensive DNA testing of any service we have found, they test for 217 genetic diseases and disorders. 


BBL does not warrant the puppy against diseases such as parvo or other environmental disease if the puppy contract such a disease after leaving our facilities.  Puppies at BBL are kept in climate controlled sterile home to eliminate the chances of environmental diseases while at our home. 

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