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Puppy Price

At Bear Bones Labs, our goal is to provide you with a happy and healthy puppy that will bring years of joy. We closely monitor the puppies, tracking their health, weight, temperament,  and personalities until you take them home.

We work with the puppies so they understand commands such as sit and come. Once you provide the name you chose for your puppy, along with your down payment, we work with them on name recognition. They learn the fundamentals of living in a house and begin their potty training as early as is safely possible. Remember though, when you pick up your young one, it is up to you to continue those fundamentals. We highly recommend treat training over disciplinary training. One reinforces good behavior with good things, the other tends to create uncertainty and mistrust.

Puppies, just like children will still have accidents because their bodies are continuing to develop. Please help them learn what they need to do to successfully is make it outside to relieve themselves. Our labs want to please and you are their "pack", treat them as you would your children and they will love and adore you for their entire lives.


Currently, we are charging a total of $2,000 per pup, with limited registration only (this means without breeding rights). A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is due by the end of their 2nd week and then the remaining $1500.00 at time of pickup. However our prices are subject to change.

We do not remove dewclaws as recent studies have shown them to be beneficial.

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