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Our Labradors at the Show

Our Labradors are shown to ensure they meet the breed standard requirements.  We haven't gone to shows since Covid-19 pandemic however 2023 we plan to resume.

Andromedia, National and Interantional Acclamations.
Bones Natioanal Acclamaton

Jenn Culp, PA

Bear Bones Labradors are amazing. They are very professional and knowledgeable breeders who truly care for their animals. They helped me find the perfect pup for my needs (therapy dog for a medical clinic as well as a great bird dog). From the day I picked up my little girl she has been amazing. They set her up for success from day one. This is the only place I will get dogs from in the future.

Garrett Pauls

They're a wonderful breeder who really cares for their dogs. They let me come visit my pup every week from when she was two weeks old until it was time to take her home, and she's turned into a fantastic dog. Tons of puppy energy, but also calm and affectionate, and I couldn't be happier!

Christopher Kucich

It has been 1 year to this day since we picked up Miss Moose and I wanted to write this in review of the excellent service and quality of our wonderful dog Moose and Bear Bones Labs. I cannot imagine EVER getting a dog from a different breeder. We live in Colorado and drove 14 hours to pick up our pup, and it was well worth the endeavor. Bear Bones from the start set us up for success. The service and contact was amazing, being able to check in on our pup from across the country with so many posts and an exclusive look at her birth, her first weeks, all the way up to her bath before we picked her up today, 1 year ago. Mary Ellen was spectacular at communicating with us when we needed her, answering our questions professionally and expeditiously. Mary Ellen knew what kind of dog we were looking for, and she delivered that and more. The training she put in from the start still rings true to this day, what breeder does that? You tell me and I still won't believe you, you cannot find a better breeder than Bear Bones Labs. She keeps up with us and checks in on Moose, because she actually cares. When we went to pick up Moose I could really tell that this is a passion for Bear Bones, not just a cash grab. These pups grow up in majestic country around Frenchtown, they are loved and trained and honestly I cannot imagine we would ever find a better breeder. If you are looking for just a dog, you could go anywhere, but if you are looking for a companion/best friend that is literally priceless, Bear Bones Labradors would be my first pick, hands down, always. I really hope they are still operating by the time we are ready for our next lab. Thank you so much Mary Ellen, thank you Bear Bones Labs, thanks for the little light of our family, Miss Moose.
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