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Our Litters


Puppy Reservations

Our AKC registered English Labs have blocky heads and muscular bodies. Their dispositions make them ideal for family, companion, and therapy dogs. Their innate instincts also make them excellent hunting dogs. 

Puppy Pricing

Limited Registration - $2000

Full Registration - Contact for Pricing LIMITED # of BREEDING DOGS AVAILABLE

When the pups are two weeks old the initial payment of $500.00 will be due. The remaining $1500.00 is due when the puppy is received. Buyers are responsible for all costs and arrangements for taking delivery of the puppy. If you need assistance please ask for recommendations for travel options. 

Picking a pup is best left until they are 6-7 weeks old and personality is apparent.  If the pup doesn't work out we will give back half of total price if its before the end of the first month of ownership. They will be accepted back with no refund at any point in their lives as we never want our dogs to end up in a shelter.


The pups will be current on shots and have basic training to build good habits. This includes introduction to crate and potty training, and starting them on sit and recall commands.  


The pups will be sold as pets (limited registration only) unless we interview you for breeding rights and you pay the full registration price.

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