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A Tale of Two Sisters

Emma and Ducky are sisters out of the Boone x Indiana litter and both live in Guardian homes. They turned 2 in February and we just had both of them evaluated for breeding. Emma's elbows are normal & hip results came back as Excellent from OFA and we are keeping her in our breeding program. Ducky on the other hand will not be continuing on in our program. She is absolutely stunning and a wonderful personality but during her breeding evaluation there were areas of concern. We want to only breed the most sound of animals and so Ducky will be spayed. The lovely thing about the Guardian Program is that both of these girls will stay in their beloved homes. Emma will come to us a few times in her life to have puppies and then return to her people. Ducky doesn't have to be adopted out like many girls who have a career change. Instead she already is with the people who will be her forever family.

If you are interested in joining Bear Bones Labradors as a Guardian parent please read the information posted on the website & call me for more information about upcoming opportunities.

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