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Kachka Boone and Indiana Bred & WE ARE LOOKING FOR GUARDIAN FAMILY

Indiana and Boone bred today and we would like to keep a female pup from the pairing. The pup will be placed with a Guardian.

What is a Guardian?

Guardians get what we consider to be the very best of the best at no cost to the Guardian Family. We only add the highest quality puppies to our bloodline as breeders. We look for the puppy that has all the best qualities and health testing the breed has to offer and that we can proudly call a Bear Bones Labrador Breeding Dog. The Guardian gets to take part in the advancement of a bloodline which can be exciting and also very emotionally rewarding. We also invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to obtain the best knowledge of whelping and breeding, with specific puppy and momma care for the breed.

Guardian dogs are raised just like you would raise and socialize any other puppy to adulthood with just a few extra precautions, for example keeping them away from unneutered males while they're in season. Once the female Guardian Dog is mature, Bear Bones Labradors will evaluate her for breeding to a stud of our choosing. Bred females stay with their Guardian Family during the majority of the 63 day pregnancy then about a week before their due date they come to stay with us to get situated and adjust to our family and routine before whelping their litter. We will be at their side to help them to whelp (give birth) and they will continue to stay with us as part of our family to raise their puppies. We make sure they're given lots of affection, good nutrition, grooming and veterinary care while they're in our care.

Each guardian dog contract agrees to a limited number of litters. Once the contract is completed they are retired from breeding and spayed at our expense and get to live out the rest of their long and healthy life with their loving families.

Contact us if you are interested in being considered as a Bear Bones Guardian

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