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We can't do it alone!

Andromeda is co-owned by Happy Labs Kennel in St. Regis and Bear Bones Labradors in Frenchtown. The partnership has been very beneficial to human and canine alike. We had a very special opportunity to breed Andromeda to an outside stud with fabulous bloodlines and stellar health clearances. The opportunity came however once I had already had a litter planned. Although Andromeda usually resides at my house Happy Labs Kennel was happy to invite her to whelp and nurture her pups under their expert care. I am so grateful and believe that our partnership has been a blessing! Poppy's litter is keeping us busy here in Frenchtown and Andromeda is doted upon in St. Regis!

On a side note all of these pups are claimed (I am keeping one too)

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