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Tempi's final litter

Tempi is turning 5 in January and this will be her last litter. Though she is retiring she isn't going anywhere. She is our matriarch.

We purchased Tempi from Crescent View Labradors in Utah and then ended up buying two more dogs from them!

Tempi is out of Poppy and Chase and looks very much like her dad Chase.

Some of her siblings are service dogs, trained and placed by Loyalty Service Dogs in California.

Tempi is very special to me. She has that service mentality. She wants to please me and is very intelligent. Our son teenage son Torin took her to PetFest in Missoula as an obedience demo dog for PetSmart!

Tempi is our Alpha. The boys and all the girls agree that Tempi is boss. If they rough house she steps in. If they are playing to close to young pups she stops the other dogs. She just has to do a little growl and a stance and others settle.

Tempi also is a help to all the females who have a litter here. While pups nurse on their moms she will go down the line cleaning bottoms and inspecting. She has been known to even nurse other litters other than her own.

Her first litter was with Shadow from Happy Labs Kennel. She had 10 yellow pups. 8 of which were boys!

Her second litter was with Bromley and one of those pups went to Dogs for Better Lives in Oregon.

When she was bred to Snoop at the age of three she had a singleton pup. I didn't want the singleton to be lonesome so I introduced and outside pup. Tempi welcomed Charlie (a beagle cross) in to the whelping box and let him nurse off her along side her single girl Missy.

Tempi is very graceful and athletic. By far she is the best dog on trail rides with me and the horses.

She will be spayed and stay on at Bear Bones Labradors.

We do have a black female available from this last Tempi litter.

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