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Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Well Andy delivered a few days earlier than we were hoping. The morning of the 24th was a whirlwind of activity. For her first litter Andy performed fantastic, she is a great little mommy if a little nervous. She definitely did not understand what was going on at first and needed our aid, but once we put the puppies in front of her she went to work being a solid and reliable mommy. Linda was at the house in less than forty minutes, which is amazing given all the construction between her place and ours. We started early in the morning and we were all busy until late in the afternoon. Once we were certain that last of the pups were delivered and any sacks left inside were expelled, we began the around the clock shift work to make sure the pups make it through their first two weeks. Puppies have their first vet visit on the 28th.

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