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Some girls like to be mom's and some don't! Winnie was not thrilled with it. She would not go in the whelping box for love or money. When the babies needed to nurse she would get on the guest bed or in a dog bed and wait for me to bring them to her. Unfortunately when she was done she was done and would hop up and any pups still attached would get a rude end to their meal. Winnie was spayed after only one litter and retired to a loving home in the Bitterroot. Andromeda (Bromley and Indiana's mom) enjoyed her puppies but after two large litters of 11 was retired and is living with a loving couple in Spokane who didn't want a puppy but wanted one of our English Labs. Things have a way of working out and all dogs deserve great loving homes. We currently have 6 labs at our home and they are all pets first and foremost. Thank you Amie Porter for sharing this lovely picture of Winnie in her loving and comfortable home!

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