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IABCA Coeur d Alene Show

The timing of the show was not in our favor. We had a litter from Poppy and Bones less than 2 weeks old but we wanted to take Bromely (BonesxAnromeda) and Winnie our newest girl from Crescent View Labradors in Utah so thanks to Mary Jane Siegford, Yumna Mossaad, and Levi Sween for taking shifts watching our dogs 24/7 we were able to go and do great! Bromely was less than a year so considered a puppy and got best of breed. Winnie won second in her class and they both behaved so well I was proud to be their owner/handler! These shows can be exhausting for dog and handler alike and I want to send a special thanks out to my husband who was by my side for the whole thing and chaperoned us everywhere making the weekend so much more enjoyable and easy! Thank you Brandon Crabtree. The judges gave us such good feed back! When I mentioned that I was breeding Bromely to Winnie the judge said that they thought it was a great match because they complement each others strengths and weaknesses. Bromley has great front end and wonderful face and eyes, while Winnie has a strong back end and great otter tail. With the breeding of the two we hope to get the best of both Winnie's end and Bromley's front. Wish us luck!

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