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Heading to Salt Lake!

This is extremely exciting news! Poppy is coming back for a second litter!!! Poppy is out of Crescent View Labs and is bred for service! Any of you who have met Poppy or a pup from her can attest to the fact that she has the best puppies!! We kept a chocolate male out of her last litter in July of 2019 to be the future of Bear Bones Labradors. Bear Bones Dancing Boy is dwarfing his father (Bones) and is extremely trainable and eager to please. Anyone wanting to train a pup for service, therapy or have an extremely attentive companion should keep an eye out for our Sept litter. BONUS: she carries the chocolate gene so this is one of the only pairings in which Bear Bones will have chocolate pups.

The calendars we made were of Poppy's previos litter!

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