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Flying with a Puppy

Puppies must fly in the cabin. Different airlines have different guidelines. Please check with your airline before you purchase the ticket as to what their requirements are for in cabin animals. At times we offer flight nanny services but it is not always available. Flight nannies fly the pup to the airport that you live closest to. You cover the cost of the ticket for nanny and pup as well as pay the nanny a fee for their time. The fee is based on time/distance of travel and layovers. Sometimes the flight nanny can fly back same day but if not their stay must be covered by puppy buyer as well. If you want to fly to pick up the puppy please bring a soft puppy carrier for the return trip. The pup will be at your feet for take off and landings and then can be out of the carrier. We have never had to sedate the pups for travel. If you have any further questions on puppy airline travel please call us or send an email.

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