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Embark DNA test results for Mr. Red

At 2 weeks of age my cream male with the red collar stopped gaining weight and I became concerned. We did all we could to keep him going and with some goats milk and TLC he began to thrive. Then once he was eating solid food he was growing fast. However, I still noticed significant differences between him and the others. We did blood work and sent off a DNA sample. The DNA sample through Embark tested for much more than the Lab panel done by DDC or PawPrints Genetics. Instead of testing for the most common genetic issues in Labradors it checked for 170 different genetic disorders in all dogs. The results came back and no surprise little Red is 100% Labrador Retriever but what was surprising was he wasn't eve a carrier of any one of the 170 things they tested for. He was completely clear. His blood work is good too. I felt at ease that my breeding line wasn't at fault but still mystified as to what could be causing Red's delays. Though he is growing well now I will continue to watch him and look into eye sight and hearing next. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers!

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