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A mind of their own

I have discovered that breeding labs is not for the faint of heart. One has to take things as they come and have flexibility as well as a sense of humor. Our stud, Bones, has sired 3 litters successfully with natural breeding. His father, Shadow, pictured above has sired more than twice as many and several of those AI. My plans for Bones for 2020 didn't coincide with his plans for himself apparently because the original plan was to pair Bones with Ebony and Bromely with Tempi. After several failed attempts with Bones and Ebony we put Bromley with Ebony and wallah we had a mating. That was only the beginning of the adventures. Tempi came into heat a month early, possibly because Ebony prompted her and Tempi being our Alpha wasn't interested in letting our males mount her. We took both Bromley and Bones back to the vet to see if we could collect for an AI and both boys adamantly refused. That is when we called on the help of Happy Labs Kennel and their stud Shadow. He is a lovely stud and his size is a perfect complement to Tempi's height.

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