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2021 Foster Plans

2020 was a busy year for us and we are looking forward to 2021 litters. We hope to breed Ebony to an outside stud and keep many of the pups as future breeders. These pups will not be sold but placed in homes with a foster agreement that allows us to breed them a few times in their life yet live with families as a pet the remainder of the time. Having six labs of my own and the 4 rescues that my family has is really the limit for our home and sanity. We brought Poppy and Athena in for whelping this summer and were only able to stay sane with the help of a house cleaner and the blessing of good weather to get the dogs plenty of outdoor time. However I believe that the pups from Ebony are going to be amazing and want to keep them apart of Bear Bones. If you are interested in learning more and live within 100 miles of Frenchtown please contact me.

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