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Product reviews

If anyone would like to share some product reviews with me I will mention them in this blog and on social media.

Review of PetSafe dog doors. I recommend getting any aluminum as we've broken several of the plastic ones. The extreme weather is great for Montana as we can get 100° in the summer and it feels like 100 below in the winter.

I use AKC reunite for my dogs but really recommend any microchip. Super valuable. Animal control, the humane society veterinarians and even the police have scanners for microchips. Quickest way to get your contact information to reconnect you with your lost pet!!

Pendleton dog beds. If you can get them at Costco Shopko or on clearance. These are a great dog bed. Painful price if you pay full price. However, the zippers are the best. So many other dog beds. The zippers break too easily! The zippers in the Pendleton allow you to wash the outside cover easily. I like the ones with the bolsters around the side. Those also come out for the wash.

Seat protector for your car. Great way to transport the dogs and protect your upholstery.

Both the water dish and these washable rugs from Costco or highly recommended. The labs go through so much water that having the 5 gallon container isn't a bad idea. Having the washable rugs to catch some of the drool helps too 😂

Heavy duty toys with no stuffing and no rope parts are highly recommended. Stuffing and rope parts end up in side the dogs digestive system and can cause problems.

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