Mr. Red

In every litter there's a different challenge. Andromeda had to have a C-section this go around. Last litter Poppy had 10 boys! In some litters you have over eaters. In this litter we have Mr. Red (they are named after the color of their collar until and owner picks a name) who is very tiny. He gets Pedialyte and puppy formula every 2 hours but is very small. You can see his brothers and sisters around him are double his size. He's going into the vet tomorrow for a check-up and I'll let you guys know how he is doing but for now he's off the market and we are looking forward to the day that he is thriving. We do have 1 chocolate male, one cream female and two black females still available in this litter! And what an amazing litter it is! Poppy's boys are successful service dogs and Bone's last litter are raved about by their pet owners!

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