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Busy Year

At Bear Bones Labradors we have a busy year planned. We have an exciting line up of pairings and many puppies expected. Karma x Bones Puppies are currently in the "maternity ward" (spare bedroom in the house with all the whelping supplies) and will transition to the nursery (t 4 weeks. The nursery room has it's own dog door to a safe enclosure just for them. When supervised that small enclosure can be opened to a larger yard that is fenced off from the other yards. Puppies and mom have their own space in and out of the house. We do have the pups and mama's socialize with the other dogs but insure that they have private areas to call their own.

One week before her due date Gretel comes from her Guardian home and settle in to the maternity ward. We will watch her around the clock, and I sleep beside her and help with the delivery of her pups.

We try to time it so that there isn't much overlap but that can be hard as the girls often synch there cycles.

We are currently looking for others to be Guardian's for a couple potential breeding females this year. If you are interested in learning more about being a Guardian call or email and I would be happy to tell you about the opportunity.

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